ELIGIBILITY to Apply for
AUN-QA Associate Membership
There are three steps to be eligible to apply for AUN-QA Associate Membership

1. The intent university need to send trainee to be trained, learn, and understand more about AUN-QA System. After the trainee is trained, they need to support for the implementation of AUN-QA System at their own university.

2. After the system is implemented, the university will need to submit the letter of intent to apply for AUN-QA Associate Membership along with this application form. This application then will be submitted to AUN-QA Council for approval.

3. After the university is accepted, the university can then request for the assessment by submitting the list of programmes to be assessed to AUN Secretariat. The AUN Sec then will consider the availability of the assessor team and the schedule of the assessment. Self Assessment Report will need to be submitted as well prior to the Actual Assessment. For further details, please visit AUN website at

AUN-QA Associate Membership
Application Process

Thank you for your interest for applying AUN-QA associate membership. To begin application process, please email your completed application for the membership, dues payment information after approval and required supporting documents to

Please allow at least 30 days for review of the application by AUN-QA council; you will be contacted if additional information is required.

All applications must include the requested organizational and official representative information. The official representative must be the officer who is in charge of the Quality Assurance unit in your institution. Official correspondence will only be sent to the officer responding of the Quality Assurance unit.

Please enclose the following required information (English language where feasible):

Documentation from the organization that authorizes your institution/university to grant degrees, as defined in Section 2 of this application.

A current organization chart of the institution and Quality Assurance unit(s), listing titles and areas of responsibility of administrators.

Completed, signed application form.
*Institutional website and online resources will be reviewed as needed; additional materials may be requested. **Please note that successful associate membership dues verification of dues payment via transfer (500 USD), renewable on the date after approval for one year.

Completed applications may be submitted via email to Ms. Banjong Ujjin, (+66)2 215 3640, (+66)2 215 3642, (+66) 218 3256
If you encounter difficulty or do not have the ability to send via email, please contact
Office of AUN Secretariat
17th Floor, Jamjuree 10 Building Chulalongkorn University Phayathai Road, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
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