About AUN-QA Associate Membership

Membership of AUN-QA Network

The membership of AUN-QA network consists of the following categories:

Category A Membership (Members)

Consists of member universities of the ASEAN University Network (AUN). All AUN members will automatically become a member of the AUN-QA network which are approved by the BOT.

Category B Membership (Associate Members)

Consists of non-member universities of the AUN. Associate membership is open to any educational institution of higher learning that fully meets the associate membership requirements specified by the AUN-QA network.

All associate membership shall be approved by the AUN-QA Council.

Brief History of
AUN-QA Associate Members
Devoted to the development, promotion, implementation and enhancement of the AUN-QA Guidelines and Criteria, the AUN-QA Secretariat opened the AUN- QA Associate Membership since 2013. The overture of the AUN-QA Associate Membership paved the way for the continuous expansion of awareness and outreach of the AUN-QA quality labels. Since 2013, the number of AUN-QA Associate Members from rose from 2 to 27 as of January 2016 proving the increasing number of universities believing in the benefits of AUN-QA Trainings and Assessment. In 2013, the AUN-QA welcomed 2 universities, one coming from Thailand and another from Indonesia. 2014 proved to be a more fruitful year as the AUN-QA openly welcomed another 10 universities coming from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The AUN-QA also included its first associate member from Malaysia in 2015 together with other 7 universities from the previously mentioned countries. The AUN-QA Associate Members’ number continuously boosts as they prosperously enter the year 2016.
Benefits of Members
and Associate Members of AUN-QA Network

Opportunities to be involved in AUN-QA programmes, and/or projects and to develop joint initiatives with other partnering organisations;

Networking through CQOs meetings and conferences;

Opportunity for their institutions and programmes to be assessed by AUN-QA network;

Given privilege and priority to attend AUN-QA training workshops and courses; and

Sharing of AUN-QA best practices and information relating to quality assurance