AUN-QA International Conference 2020

AUN-QA has been working in the ASEAN region to ensure strong quality assurance in higher education for over 20 years. One of the values that we wish to instil in the institutions we work with, are the ideas and practices of continuous improvement through external exposure and self-reflection;the values that are increasingly important in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Education 4.0. Higher education, being a staple part of a person’s transition into employment, is being challenged and its relevance is constantly being questioned by the newer generation. The world is going through changes industrially and educationally. We are already seeing businesses having to reinvent themselves. On the other hand, the higher education sector has largely remained fundamentally the same for over a millennia. Transformation is needed for us to remain ourselves as the engine of future progress. We are at a crossroads and taking the first step in the right direction for positive change is difficult. There are no set paths to take;we are the trailblazers. The AUN-QA,having embedded continous improvement in our core values and culture, embraces that taking steps toward change is needed forthe future of education and is now looking ‘beyond’ the measuring of quality. As it turns out,Quality Assurance(QA) is just one among several other essential ingredients that contribute to the formation and delivery of quality education.That is why, although QA will remain the final safeguardas we traverse into unknown territory, it is important not to overemphasize any one ingredient. This year, the AUN-QA International Conference’s (AUN-QAIC) theme will revolve around these other ingredients essential in attaining quality higher education. We will explore together, curriculum design methodology compatible and relevant to societal needs, teaching and learning pedagogy engenders active learning; and how technology and digital innovations could become solutions to longstanding issues in higher education and redefine the very foundation of education. Finally, we will learn how QA assures the quality of education despite the constantly changing higher education landscape. AUN-QA International Conference 2020 will bring speakers from Australia, ASEAN, Europe, Korea, Japan, and many more, to discuss the entire process of creating, assuring and delivering of high quality education with Outcome-Based Education(OBE) as bedrock.

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