From the establishment of AUN- QA in 1998, the AUN-QA Network has grown leaps and bounds. Consistently re-defining itself to be the leading Quality Assurance in the region, aiming at increasing quality of higher education within the ASEAN region. Our achievements can be reflected in the continual trust and confidence in the AUN-QA network from our AUN Member Universities and our growing number of AUN-QA Associate Members. Sixteen years of experiences culminated from series of AUN-QA Assessments, AUN-QA trainings, and expanding cooperation with regional and international partners has proven how far we have come and the strength of our foundation as the AUN-QA network.

We are growing to new heights and rising to the challenges of harmonizing the ASEAN community boldly and dynamically.

AUN-QA is also officially recognized by not only Senior Officials Meeting on Educa6tion (ASED), but also extended to the ASEAN Plus Three Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED+3) and ASEAN Plus Three Education Ministers meeting (ASED+3). These recognition could not come afar without the support among the AUN-QA Members and the trust that we have received from our university networking. With the growing strength, trust and experience, the AUN-QA Network is ready to take to the next step, the new frontier of the AUN-QA on the development of the AUN-QA Assessment at institutional level.

It is our responsibility to promote quality assurance in higher education institutions, raise the quality of higher education and collaborate with both regional and international bodies for the benefit of the ASEAN community is a great duty which must be efficiently executed by an experienced body. With the 16 years of achievements within our AUN-QA System and Mechanisms, we will remain steadfast to our principles, and continue to promote the Quality Assurance Development in the region and beyond, with a touch of quality.